SSP22 Blog – Week 1 (online)

September 7, 2022

The wait is finally over! SSP22 has started and it is on fire! We started this amazing experience through nothing less than a great Opening Ceremony! Our ISU SSP22 Director – Arif Göktuğ Karacalıoğlu officially launched the SSP22 Program on Monday 27th. During such a magnificent ceremony, all the participants representing their nations were introduced to the online and Lisbon onsite audiences. Many very important people of the Space Industry made an appearance to honor and participate in the event, from Oeiras Mayor, the ISU President, and the Portuguese Space Agency President were just a few names. The Ceremony culminated with an emotional Portuguese Music performance. What a great experience! 

During the first week of lecturers, online (ONL) students had the opportunity to start the day with the best of the best, in CLS01 with Mike Simpson, followed by the incredible internationally known Space Communicator Dr. Niamh Shaw, and to end the day no one less than former ISU President Juan de Dalmau to close the day in a super fun and essential communications workshop. 

Think you think it stopped there… No way! Things only became better and better. All participants joining from each corner of the world had the opportunity to participate in many lectures about Remote Sensing, Space and Commerce, Astrobiology, Tech Transfer and Export Control. I bet you wish you were part of this online team! 

Then the Space Studies Program (SSP22) online group had the opportunity to get to know each other by presenting themselves by telling how their journey to space started. Everyone had the chance to explain what their backgrounds were, and which experiences connected them to the space sector. Their spectacular profiles and love for all things space brought them even closer together as a group. From all over the world and sharing their awesome experiences, they were able to forge a great friendship! And even online, they are planning to meet up in person after this. I can’t wait for how splendid this team project will be! If I were you, I would keep an eye out, because it is going to be out of this world! 


Diego Greenhalgh, Teaching Associate, On-line Department 2022 

Chiara Martinelli,  Teaching Associate, On-line Department 2022 

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