ISU takes digital education to the next level: a new partnership with the School of Disruption

September 7, 2022

After a successful launch into digital learning with the Interactive Space Program in 2020 and amongst others, a first lecture in the Metaverse during the Space Studies Program 2022, the International Space University (ISU) is more than ever committed to reaching and providing education to every person with internet access on the planet. To take this digital evolution to the next level, ISU is proud to announce a partnership with the School of Disruption of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, an e-learning platform offering courses on emerging technologies and trends.

The partnership follows the success of the Space Architecture & Design in-presence workshop held last April at ISU central campus. This course – in its digital version on the School of Disruption platform – has reached 1,000 participants from all over the world.

During the workshop, School of Disruption and ISU students worked for ten days on the development of real space projects, guided by space architects Barbara Imhof (an ISU alumna) and René Waclavicek.

Interdisciplinary Education

The online courses, available on the SIDI platform are entirely on-demand and designed to allow students to take their first steps into space-related topics. Just as the space sector cannot exist without solid interdisciplinarity, in the same way, the courses will touch on the different areas involved in space exploration and life on other planets.

Here are some examples of the courses, some already on the platform, others coming in the next few months:

– Space Economy and Entrepreneurship

– Human Performances in space

– Space Architecture & Design

– Space Biotechnology

– Space Law

Course lecturers are world-class experts with extensive experience in the field.

Courses, workshops, and research projects

That’s not all; ISU and SIDI have also decided to extend the partnership to in-person workshops, which will be organized both at the ISU headquarters in Strasbourg and in other cities worldwide.

In addition, the partnership will also focus on research projects open to the entire ISU MSS (Master of Space Studies) community and participants in online courses.

This partnership gives birth to the world’s largest online education platform dedicated to space, an ambitious objective in perfect coherence with the ISU and SIDI mission to democratize access to innovation and contributes even more to the achievement of the frontier of life in space.


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