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The ISU collection consists of more than 10 000 space-related documents, including history and philosophy of space exploration, astrodynamics, earth and atmospheric sciences, space engineering and technology, space economics, business and management, space policy and law, international cooperation, space applications, astronomy and space life sciences.

Library resources:

The Library web portal which you can access at is the entrance point to the Library’s collection and services.

Online Catalog – Use the online catalogue to search all material held by the Library whether in print or in electronic, check the availability of a book or make reservations.

Electronic resources – The Library provides access to many eBooks, electronic reports, citation databases and e-resources.  

Student reports – An electronic version of most Team Project reports, individual projects (IPs) and internship reports (INTs) can be found online from the Library web site. Access to some reports is restricted. 

Magazines – The Library subscribes to space-related or popular magazines, which can be borrowed. 

Other services and referencing guides found through the library portal:

  • Information skills (ISU referencing system, bibliography, alerts, plagiarism…)
  • List of recent acquisitions and RSS feeds for new acquisitions on selected topics
  • Subject guides and reading lists
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