What is pre-incubation ?

The start-up incubator at ISU’s Central Campus is the right place to launch your space business and benefit from a multidisciplinary expertise in research & development, business and finance. The location is a hub for you to meet with ISU faculty and visiting lecturers from academia, space agencies and industry from around the world.


Pre-incubation is a service offered by ISU to evaluate the feasibility of your business idea and to help to mature your idea to jointly decide if it can be turned into a real business idea with market potential.

This pre-incubation is the phase where you can bring your project to fruition without putting yourself at risk financially. If during your pre-incubation your business plan, proof of concept and other aspects of your start-up seem to be coherent with the market then you can present yourself to the selection for incubation.

Pre-incubation is in the first place offered to ISU alumni and targets business ideas with a direct or an indirect space component (e.g. by using processed space data). Evidently pre-incubation in the ISU campus is most effective for interaction and early contact with seed funding candidates locally. In view of financial obstacles (part of) the pre-incubation can also be done virtually.

As a general process, candidates are requested to submit a slide-deck draft of their business idea, in accordance with the template described here: Slide-Deck Template for Start-up Presentation.

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