Support on private funding

Thanks to its unique network in the space sector ISU is able to assist in contacting several of the most active equity funding providers. These equity investors are in regular contact and welcome suggestions from ISU when promising start-ups are brought to their attention.

Amongst others, Seraphim and Karista fall into this category of interested equity investors active in the space sector.

It shall be noted in this context that several discussions are ongoing to extend these possibilities.

As in other ISU programs, participants will benefit from the shared experience of an international, interactive working environment with other professionals, graduate researchers and senior undergraduate students. Successful completion of the program can lead to a graduate qualification or credit towards undergraduate programs in Australia and internationally. Program graduates will become part of the professional networking forum of ISU alumni, faculty members and visiting lecturers.

The SHSSP’s interdisciplinary program delivers an expertly designed curriculum suited to the space education needs of professionals seeking additional knowledge of international space systems and services, graduate researchers in all fields seeking a broader understanding of the context of their work, and undergraduate students seeking exposure to the International, Intercultural, and Interdisciplinary aspects of space that are not available in their home institution studies.



Seraphim Capital

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