Seed Capital

Thanks to agreements made by ISU, start-ups, once registered in the region, can apply for two types of seed-funding.

  • Local funding is a number of non-reimbursable grants provided by the local authorities, in order to support a local space ecosystem
  • ESA-BIC funding is providing a combination of local funding and ESA funding.
Seed Captial - ESA/SEMIA

In cooperation with SEMIA, a successful start-up incubator in Alsace, a grant of 30,000€ can be obtained based upon the approval of a simplified slide-deck presentation to a local committee. A template for such presentation is provided here: Slide-Deck Template for Start-up Presentation.

Whereas local registration is a prerequisite, evidently the local representatives will equally evaluate compatibility of local interests with the objectives of the local ecosystem (in particular application oriented) and the purpose of the start-up. 

ISU experts in the awarding committee will focus on the feasibility of the space related project, whereas local specialists will concentrate their evaluation on the marketing and financial aspects merely.

The ISU incubator is recognized within the ESA-BIC system. For those interested in this option:

  • The start-up needs to make a detailed proposal which will then be evaluated by an ESA committee
  • If selected, the start-up receives an initial support of 50,000 € (25,000 via ESA and 25,000 via the local partners)
  • The start-up has to register locally and be in the ISU Incubator
  • The start-up takes the commitment to remain at least two years in the ISU incubator
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