Individual and Specialized Support

Individual and specialized support

Generic supporting documents for start-ups in ISU:

In order to facilitate the establishment of local companies, ISU has developed, with the help of a specialized law office, a number of documents which can be used as an example of the formal steps to be taken when registering a company in the ISU Incubator.

As legislations and company legislation is changing regularly, the exact founding documents will have to be tailored to individual needs but an example, which can be used as a template or a starting base, can be found here: ISU Incubator Company Foundation.

In some cases, for employees with non-EU nationalities, a number of steps need to be taken to obtain working permits. Also here attention shall be drawn on the fact that there are regularly exceptional measures for e.g. temporary working permits taken, which need to be consulted.

General recommendations and guidelines on this topic can be found here: ISU Incubator Company Foundation.

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