Partner organizations

The ISU Incubator promotes a diversity of approaches and relies on a multidisciplinary expertise in research & development, business and finance. As a result, it works with different actors on a regional, national and global scale.

ISU, located in Strasbourg (France) is well embedded in the French space ecosystem from CNES to start-ups and research centers. CNES is developing a number of start-up initiatives which are monitored by ISU.

 Furthermore, the ISU Incubator is supported by the Eurometropole de Strasbourg. This economic unit bundles resources of a number of cities around Strasbourg. In particular the creation of a local space ecosystem is one of the recent objectives and explains the strong interest of the Eurometropole in the ISU incubator, providing support to ISU to grow the incubator activities.

The ISU Incubator is connected locally with the SEMIA network, an incubator with a proven record of successes created by the University of Strasbourg.  Furthermore, the location of Europe and ISU networks will allow to attract participants from France and neighboring countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. In the partnership agreement with SEMIA both incubators work in Synergy, whereby ISU uses its knowledge of the space field with SEMIA assisting in the marketing aspects, in particular in the B2C field.

An important aspect to be added here is that the ISU Incubator is also part of the ESA-BIC network, enhancing its international character. Via this mechanism, with centers in most ESA countries, a number of start-ups in the field of interest of ESA activities or using space data are both financially as well as further supported to develop in the ESA context.

Clicking on the different logos below refers to the website of the (present) partners, which are summarized here.

Besides the local support, a number of national recent initiatives can help you, as space is a national priority (see France 2030) combined with support of several Innovation initiatives (such as CIR (Credit Impot Recherche) and JEI (Jeune Entreprise Innovante).

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