Ecosystem and Activities

The ISU incubator is increasingly recognized for its entrepreneurial activities and its support for innovation in the space industry. As a university, incubator and research center, the ISU can offer a wide range of different activities, or be part of consortia in European projects. By giving visibility to the projects incubated on its campus, as well as to space industry initiatives, the ISU is keen to promote tomorrow's collaborations and issues.


Another aspect linked to the growing reputation of ISU in entrepreneurship is the inclusion of ISU in a consortium, financed by the EU, to develop programs on entrepreneurial skills with the main target to add such training sessions to the classical space science and engineering curriculum. Under this grant, an analysis was made of the requirements for such programs, and several variants were developed with different durations, varying from 4 days to even a 5 months full-fletched curriculum to be linked to existing space curricula. The project is called EuroSpaceHub and is intended to strengthen the knowledge triangle between business, education, and innovation.

EuroSpaceHub supports student events such as Business Plan Competition. Over a two-week period at ISU, students are taught about entrepreneurship and innovation in the space industry and then asked to work in groups on a project to be presented to a jury at the end of the event. These moments of learning create a link between universities, industry, and entrepreneurship.

The incubator coordinator was able to give two masterclasses to a very varied audience. The first was on the specifics of a space incubator, and the second on themed events to showcase space applications. These masterclasses gave rise to some interesting conversations, both with entrepreneurs wishing to open their business in France, and with potential partners.

Health In Space Conference

On Earth, the field of health is making progress every day, driven by scientists from all over the world, for the benefit of everyone. Ever since man first set out on his space adventure, medicine has also been exported to space. Both to care for astronauts and ensure they remain in good health, and to facilitate scientific research experiments for the benefit of terrestrial medical advances. Health has thus become an important part of the space sector, which will continue to grow in response to the major issues affecting human beings, whether on earth or in space.

Today, institutions, companies and even start-ups are working on this subject. In France, the CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales) has set up MEDES, the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology. Private companies such as Spacepharma and Prometheus Life Technologies, both recently established in the incubator of the International Space University (ISU) in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, are working respectively on experimental space laboratories and the creation of high-quality human tissue organoids in low-Earth orbit.

With continued space exploration and new challenges on Earth, this research is more necessary than ever. In the Grand Est region, and more particularly in Alsace and Strasbourg, health is at the heart of our concerns and innovations. That’s why the “Health in Space” conference was held on December 13 at the International Space University. The public was able to attend round-table discussions between experts from the space and health sectors, as well as players in the Alsace innovation scene. Still available on the ISU YouTube channel, you can find unedited discussions between human performance in space researchers and Biovalley experts, on the same stage.

During the conference, the ISU welcomed some 50 participants, and a number of collaborations were formed, notably between the institutions represented and startups from the incubator.


Space for Water Management Conference

At a time when climate change is having a visible impact on our environment, water resources are a major concern. At this conference, immerse yourself in a world where water management meets cutting-edge technologies to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

During this event, we will explore how spatial data is revolutionizing the way we perceive, measure and manage water resources. Experts will share their knowledge and experience of using satellite data, remote sensing and geographic information systems to monitor, predict and optimize water resource management.

We have covered a wide range of topics, with experts from space companies such as Watershed Monitoring and EwoSmart, as well as local institutions such as La Région Grand Est with its Water and Climate Change department, and Aquanova (formerly Hydreos).

Whether you’re a water specialist, a natural resource management professional, a policy-maker or simply passionate about new technologies, you can find the live stream on our Youtube channel, and this event will offer you unique perspectives on current and future water management challenges.

This conference facilitated discussions between local companies and regional institutions on collaborative projects. Partnerships were then discussed at the conclusion of the event, particularly after the round table discussion, which highlighted regional water resource needs.

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