An incubator has been initiated at the Central Campus of ISU to accommodate start-ups. The first start-ups have installed themselves but still a few offices are available. The creation was based upon a survey with ISU alumni. This study revealed that 80% of the recent alumni were in favor of such an ISU Incubator. It was therefore decided to create a local ecosystem in the first place to allow to provide an incubation service to alumni at the ISU campus. The strong advantage of this localization are the resident staff but, at least equally important the many visiting lecturers. This provides not only an interesting source for advice, but also, in the case of Agency and industry related persons, a potential relationship with clients.


After getting approval for the project through ESA-BIC or the local funding option, the start-up can use office space in the ISU Building for two years. The size of the offices ranges from 15 to 27m2, and they come furnished. Start-ups benefit from discounted rental rates supported by the local community, specifically the Eurometropole of Strasbourg for ISU start-ups.

To be part of the local ecosystem and access local support, the start-up needs to register as a local company during this phase. ISU provides a template for company registration and can assist with obtaining a working permit through a specialized local legal office if needed. Additional facilities for the start-up include access to shared meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, and access to the ISU building as a mailing address for deliveries. Reception and IT support services are also available from ISU under favorable conditions.

Throughout the two-year period, the start-up will receive support from ISU, local organizations, and government bodies such as BPI to ensure project success. The incubation period can attract up to 200K€ incrementally from public grants over two years and potentially more from private partners. 

Access to visiting faculty for advice and business relationships is an important aspect during incubation. Additionally, some start-ups have benefited from the involvement of high-level ISU students for internships or recruitment.

Incubator 2nd Floor
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