ISU Central Campus

The ISU Incubator is integrated in the campus of the International Space University (ISU), benefitting from the specialized space knowledge of the University resident and visiting lecturers, as well as access to ISU students (in terms of internships and possible recruitment of staff.

The ISU Campus is integrated in the Parc d’Innovation (Innovation Parc) of Illkirch-Graffenstaden, at the periphery of Strasbourg, Capital of Europe. The Innovation Parc is connected to the center of Strasbourg via a direct public transportation line with high frequency.

The Parc can be reached within 15 minutes from the Strasbourg Entzheim Airport with an equivalent tram drive to the Central station in the center of the town. The Parc is also accessible via a cycle track.

An hotel with 140 bedrooms and seminar rooms is placed next to the ISU Campus building, with in annex an hyper-modern fitness and wellness center. Several catering facilities are available during lunch time.

The Innovation Parc provides an excellent international environment with over 100 companies and 8000 people working  there from which, next to students, 3000 corporate employees (from which 15% are foreign nationals. This is also due to the fact that, besides France, companies have origins in America, Japan, Germany, the Middle East, Switzerland and Australia. In total some 1500 researchers and academics work in the Parc, from which a large part in life sciences. In case of necessity several clean rooms, mainly for chemistry and biological scientific work can be accessed in a specially developed shared facility in the Parc (Bioparc).

For further information on ISU, see also: Leaflet ISU September 2022

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