SSP22 Blog – Week 0 (onsite)

September 7, 2022


SSP22 director: all systems ready?

IT: check!

Logistics: Go!

Communications: Go!

Teaching associates: ready and excited!

SSP22 Director: SSP22 you’re cleared to go!

Here’s what you may hear if we were in a space movie… WAIT! This is not a movie, this is REAL!!!

This is the official starting week of the 34th annual Space Studies Program (SSP), and you’re reading its weekly blog.

Do you want some more? IST Taguspark in Oeiras is ready to welcome the ISU SSP22 Class with the bright and vivid colors of Portugal!

After two difficult years, the ISU world famous SSP program came back to its (quasi) original format 😊

This week the onsite staff has been busy with rehearsals, fine tuning of logistics, preparing the rooms for the lectures and confirming all the activities that will take place during the most exciting SSP EVER!

But before continuing in the hype, here’s a little numerical recap of what your staff has done so far:

2: as the number of castles, we went to discover in the wonderful and breath-taking Sintra

4: as the numbers of check and counter check

50: as activities scheduled and very successfully completed

200: as the lunches and dinner that are being served

Infinite: as the numbers of invoices treated by our local accountant

1: as the onsite staff that can’t wait to welcome you very soon 😉

This week aside all those preparation activities for our beloved participants, we have welcomed all the remaining teaching associates as well: they came from Kuwait, India and…Colombia!

Keep following us and follow this blog to learn more about SSP22!


Gaetano DEL BUFALO, SSP22 Teaching associate of Management and Business & SSP22 accountant

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