SHSSP22 TA Blog – Week 4

September 7, 2022

SHSSP22 TA Blog – Week 4

Welcome, welcome to the 4th week of SHSSP22! One of the most important weeks of the whole program! This week is also known as a transition week from the core lectures to putting that little extra effort into the Team Project “week”.

So much has happened in these last few days, from 7 February to 11 February 2022! We had the opportunity to chat with the former ISU president Juan de Dalmau in his lecture “Communicating Space”, as well as seeing the other side of things with Walter Peeters in Technology Transfers and Spinoffs. From Humanities to Applications! What a great week! Science can never stop! That’s why David Alexander and Dr. Jim Green coordinated to give us an amazing lecture about Space Weather. Not the classic CME, Solar Storms, and Solar Flares, but all about the extreme events and their impacts! This is an opportunity in a million to understand better how the universe works.

Thus, this week, the SHSSP22 participants attended the last core lectures of this program, which by the way, they were wonderful! To start with, on Monday, 7 February 2022, the European time zone participants welcomed Walter Peeters, former ISU President, for his lecture on the Technology Transfers and Spinoffs. In this lecture, the participants interacted in various engagement activities and among other things, they learned about spin-offs, which is the use of space technology in other sectors and about export control as a restriction on technology transfers. The same lecture was provided for the participants in the Australian time-zone.

For the Australian time zone participants, the first lecture of the week was given by Su-Yin Tan, on “Geographic Information Systems”. Among many things, the participants learned from Su-Yin about the main components of GIS and how they work together, about GIS data collection and the integration with remote sensing information from satellite sensors.

Taiwo Tejumola, who is also a Resident Faculty at the ISU Central Campus, presented how to “Build Your Own Satellite Structure” on both the European and the Australian time-zones. The participants enjoyed his lecture and learned about the different activities carried out during satellite development, including: (i) design; (ii) development; (iii) assembly, integration and test (AIT); (iv) launch and (v) end of life operations (EOL).

On Tuesday, 8 February 2022, we had the absolute honor to welcome Juan de Dalmau, the much-loved former ISU President, on his lecture “Communicating Space”. Juan held his lecture on both the time-zones and analyzed with the participants the media events and public engagements for the Rosetta mission, including the main audience, the main message and why it generated so many views on the online platforms. Therefore, Juan described the different forms of communications, while identifying the key elements of a good story telling and how these are applied to Space activities. He also pointed out the importance of spotting your target audience and how to cater to different audience types.

And the core lectures kept going on Wednesday, 9 February and on Thursday 10 February 2022, including a lecture on the European time zone on “Space Weather” with James Green, a lecture on the “Industrial Impacts on Lunar Cultural Heritage” with Alice Gorman, and finally, the last, but not the least core lecture scheduled for the European time-zone at SHSSP22, on “Space Medicine Integration” with Kate Sweatman.

The 4th week of the SHSSP came to an end on Friday, 11 February 2022. Such an amazing performance this week was for the core lectures! Also, this week was a truly “tour de force” for our participants who begun their Full TP activities. However, their friendship and confidence in each other’s strengths got stronger and we truly believe that they will enjoy the quality time spent to working for the TP!

The class meeting on Friday was special from an announcement point of view. We were extremely proud to welcome Catherine Grace as the Closing Ceremony Speaker and Daniele Dallari as the Class Representative for SHSSP22! Good luck guys!

Claudiu Mihai Tăiatu & Diego Greenhalgh

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