SHSSP22 TA Blog – Week 3

September 7, 2022

SHSSP22 TA Blog – Week 3

SHSSP22 is in full swing!

Week 3 (31 January 2022 – 6 February 2022) was off to a great start with former NASA astronaut, Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman teaching the fundamentals of astrodynamics in the Orbital Mechanics seminar. Participants also gained insight into the Economics Rationales of Space Programs by Dr. Walter Peeters, who is involved in astronaut activities since 1980 as Head of the Coordination Office of the European Astronaut Center. The foundations of Satellite Telecommunications were then taught by Dr. Joseph Pelton, Dean Emeritus of ISU, Chairman of the Alliance for Collaboration in the Exploration of Space (ACES) Worldwide, widely published author of over 50 books, and founder of the Arthur C. Clarke foundation.

The SHSSP22 participants were introduced to Systems Engineering and Mission Design by Prof. John Connolly, who currently serves as a lunar mission and lunar lander spacecraft expert in NASA’s Human Landing System Program. They learned about efforts to track, monitor, and mitigate debris for long-term ‘Space Sustainability’ in the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Debris core seminar by Dr. Jim Green, scientist and senior advisor in the Office of the Chief Scientist at NASA, where he previously had been NASA’s Chief Scientist and Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters for several years. In the domain of earth observation and spatial analysis methodologies, we had ISU Global Faculty Member, Dr. Su-Yin Tan, teach two highly interactive core seminars on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.

The Team Project (TP) continued this week with a graphic design workshop to help achieve a visually striking TP presentation. The team had begun researching various virtual collaborative tools for online management of TP deliverables and creative planning for their TP presentation deadline fast approaching in the next couple of weeks! When they were not occupied with TP planning, there were numerous opportunities to network with space professionals from all over the world through the Individual Coaching Sessions and Mentoring Sessions provided by ISU.

Collaborative brainstorming and hands-on training for the TP were also facilitated through a series of interactive workshops this week, including two-part workshops in the European time zone on Moon Village I: Concept Design for a Core Habitat Outpost Module and Moon Village II: Future Expansion Scenarios for the Village Settlement led by Dr. Bernard Foing, Senior scientist and advisor to ESA Director General, space astrophysicist and engineer, Executive Director of COSPAR International Lunar Exploration Working Group, and Principal Project Scientist for ESA SMART-1 first Moon mission. 

Dr. Foing was impressed with the two teams’ workshop presentations and encouraged them to further develop their ideas into abstract submissions for the upcoming 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022) in Paris, France. The same workshop was conducted by Marc Heemskerk, Sabrina Kerber and Charlotte Pouwels for the Australian time zone where four teams presented their concept designs for establishment and expansion of a lunar village settlement.

It was a treat to attend the entertaining workshops on AI for Satellite Imagery by Liad Yousef, Mars analog astronaut and leading software architect at Duda, Inc. Another workshop on Space Tourism, conducted by Dr. Adrian (Ady) James and Michael Davis, not only highlighted the participants’ critical thinking but also their scenario acting talents leading to an e-award win for outstanding performance!

Participants were invited to further showcase their talents in the ISU’s Got Talent social event! We were all amazed by the variety and passion in their hobbies including acrobatic stunts, gardening, singing, clay pottery, embroidery, party tricks, and much more! Honoring one of the three I’s of ISU, there was another round of fun-filled Intercultural Nights with international heritage exchanges, arts, and stories. This was followed by the opportunity to connect with the global ISU alumni network over the weekend in the 2022 ISU Adelaide Conference Online on Space Junk and Overcrowding of the Skies, February 4-5, 2022. This two-day conference was focused on the archaeology and heritage of space exploration, including space junk, planetary landing sites, off-earth mining, and space habitats.

The SHSSP22 celebrated the very old, traditional, and famous ISU Space Masquerade virtually with the ISU family at the end of the conference for some levity amidst the project with innovative space costumes and prizes. Then it was time to party! The online DJ afterparty with drinks and dance was a great way to unwind after an intense and motivating Week 3 at SHSSP22!

Upcoming Week:
Energy and persistence conquer all things! Next week will be the transition week from the final core seminars and workshops to full steam ahead for the TP!

Mangai Prabakar & Garima Patel

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