Best Behavior Practice at the International Space University

September 7, 2022

Best Behavior Practice at the International Space University

The top priority of the International Space University (ISU) is to ensure a safe and respectful working and learning environment for students, participants, alumni, staff, and faculty in all its programs and activities. ISU operates in a highly international and cross-cultural environment and as such must follow and promote an exemplary approach. In an ever-changing environment, new procedures and actions need to be implemented to eliminate all forms of harassment, discrimination, bullying, cultural insensitivity, and to affirm a clear course of action for reporting unacceptable behavior.  ISU intends to abide by these principles to maintain a safe and respectful environment, ensuring the highest quality of educational experiences.

ISU’s Anti-Harassment Policy (AHP) was established in 2018 and can be found here. The ISU Academic Council has recently established an amendment to the AHP  providing more specific implementation rules, which can be found here.

In the same spirit, ISU decided to create a multi-stakeholder committee ‘Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Work and Learning Environment at ISU’. This committee will start its term in January 2022 as a virtual team of ISU alumni, ISU faculty supported by external experts, and will be chaired by Prof. Su-Yin Tan.

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