360° View of Space Activities for Earth Observation Organization Eumetsat

September 7, 2022

360° View of Space Activities for Earth Observation Organization Eumetsat

From experienced project controllers to newcomers in administration, all 16 handpicked Eumetsat employees benefited from the International Space University’s Executive Space Course (ESC) – the second edition tailored to Eumetsat’s capacity building needs.

The interdisciplinary introduction to global space activities of this course provides a 360° view of the space sector from space technology to policy. Lectures were delivered by both faculty and experts from ISU, and Eumetsat which also allowed attendees to discover internal expertise. Designing an Earth observation CubeSat was an interactive workshop which aimed amongst other learning outcomes to understand concurrent engineering. 

The course concluded with a lively panel discussion – moderated by ISU’s past president Juan de Dalmau – debating the relationship between humanities and social sciences and space – including the future of space.

Panelists included:

  • Phil Evans, Eumetsat DG,
  • Pascale Ehrenfreund President ISU
  • Mark Higgins, Eumetsat Responsible for user training
  • Walter Peeters, ISU Space business and management professor

At the end of the week, participants got a better understanding of the overall space sector and the role of Eumetsat in the space ecosystem. Congratulations to all!

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