Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program

The Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP) is designed for students, academics and professionals from all disciplines.

Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program

Adelaide, Australia – 16 January to 17 February 2023

The Southern Space Studies Program (SHSSP) has been running since 2011, provided in partnership by ISU and the University of South Australia. The program is designed with a particular eye to the southern hemisphere space environment and is built around the themes of space exploration, space policy and space services, while giving a well-rounded exposure to the principles and concepts involved in space science, space systems engineering and technology, space business, project leadership and space legal and regulatory issues. The program is designed to be a catalyst to boost the role of space for countries in the southern hemisphere and those cooperating with them, and to build human capability and capacity.

SHSSP Structure

The program uses the interdisciplinary educational method for which ISU is renowned, and includes core lectures from international and Australian experts, workshops and ‘white paper’ team projects lead by faculty and invited experts. It will take the form of an intensive five-week program, providing the International, Intercultural, and Interdisciplinary ISU experience in a format and schedule suited to the Southern Hemisphere.

As in other ISU programs, participants will benefit from the shared experience of an international, interactive working environment with other professionals, graduate researchers and senior undergraduate students. Successful completion of the program can lead to a graduate qualification or credit towards undergraduate programs in Australia and internationally. Program graduates will become part of the professional networking forum of ISU alumni, faculty members and visiting lecturers.

The SHSSP’s interdisciplinary program delivers an expertly designed curriculum suited to the space education needs of professionals seeking additional knowledge of international space systems and services, graduate researchers in all fields seeking a broader understanding of the context of their work, and undergraduate students seeking exposure to the International, Intercultural, and Interdisciplinary aspects of space that are not available in their home institution studies.

The SHSSP’s core lecture series will comprise one third of the program, presenting 40 lectures covering the world’s space activities with a focus on space applications, services and policy. A broad understanding of the role of space, the current status of our capacity to use it and future directions, opportunities, and challenges for the space sector will be presented in a manner clearly understandable to participants from a broad range of backgrounds.

Another one third of the program will be allocated to hands-on workshops, public space events, and professional visits in the area. Workshops will often be linked with lectures, with hands-on activities using local remote sensing data, GPS field exercises, collecting satellite data, and other topics. There will be several public events with invited speakers and we will make several professional visits to space-related facilities in the local region.

The final one third will be the group White Paper Team Project assignments to be completed in week 5. Each year the assignments will focus on selected themes or application areas. The participants will, in groups, research an issue of interest to the Southern Hemisphere nations and then jointly author a Team Project report on the subject which will be suitable for sharing with interested organizations and agencies or for submission to international professional conferences.

“ISU has been a career-altering endeavor for me, opening up incredible opportunities and connections with like-minded individuals. It has instilled in me a passion for the endless cosmos where space is now an integral part of my life.”

SHSSP Admissions



SHSSP23 applicants should apply on the ISU website and send the requested documents by 31 October 2022 if they need financial aid, and by 15 December otherwise.

We may still grant some partial scholarships after the 31 October deadline until they run out, but early applications are highly recommended.



The full fees for SHSSP23 (in-person) are:

AUD 17,000 for 5 weeks, including all tuition fees, accommodation and meals.

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