ISU Community

ISU is the largest network of alumni in the space sector with 5400 alumni (status : September 2023) shaping the international space ecosystem in 110 countries including astronauts and entrepreneurs along with current and former space industry and government leaders. Present on the campus of Illkirch-Graffenstaden, ISU Masters students are selected to become important actors of the space sector and of the space economy.

ISU alumni are found all over in the world, as can be noted from the next distribution (Status June 2022).

A distribution of ISU alumni over the different activity sectors is shown in the following chart (whereby last years the number of alumni in start-ups is rapidly increasing). More than 60 alumni have presently created space companies.

In summary, ISU Community and alumni benefit from 

  • The expertise of international renowned faculty and visiting lecturers
  • The largest worldwide alumni network in the space sector
  • Access to cutting-edge resources for space education and training
  • Front row seats to the evolution of a booming space sector that provides ample opportunities for innovation, interesting jobs and career development
  • The strategic partnerships formed by ISU with government agencies and industry, research centers, universities, and other international organizations
  • The friendships and contacts made at ISU that enrich professional and personal development


Present on campus, ISU students can be an important resource of skills and knowledge that can benefit your start-up. Whether it is for internships or employment, you have access to skilled and qualified people to help you develop your business with the added advantage to have contact with this resource without the necessity of (expensive) recruitment actions and the chance to test compatibility with your organization, during 3-6 months, without formal hiring obligations.

In addition, for more than 10 years now, ISU has been organizing an New Space Entrepreneurship Elective in its Master of Space Studies program to train students in entrepreneurship. During this period, students are trained by ISU Resident Faculty as well as specialists affiliated with ISU who deliver lectures and workshops and provide coaching and advise on all aspects of entrepreneurship and business plans evaluation. At the end of this session the teams present a slide-deck (in accordance with the 10-20-30 rules) and a one-page teaser to a jury of specialists.

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