SHSSP22 TA Blog – Week 0

September 7, 2022

SHSSP22 TA Blog – Week 0

Are we ready to launch?
The week before the official start of activities for the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program 2022, the entire crew of this exciting mission was convened to carry out some important activities for the success of this wonderful five-week trip.

As usual for the virtual program, the crew was divided into two time zones: Australia and Europe. Both teams will have the same curricular activities, which will be carried out parallel in two schedules to respond to these difficult times without losing the global vision and the “3-I’s” philosophy of ISU: Intercultural International Interdisciplinary.

During the onboarding sessions which took place on 10th and 11th, January’22, the SHSSP22 crew met for the very first time their fellow participants, with whom they will share this program.

Our Mission Director- Kenol Jules, Academic Coodinator- Alex Ryan, Library Head- Muriel Riester and Communications Head- Geraldine Moser gave the participants all the details of the program structure and also introduced the great Mission Control team, who will be in charge of supporting and guiding the crew to make their lives easier to achieve a successful mission.

Isi, our wonderful CapCom for Australia, gave the participants an overview of the program’s social activities. We will have so much fun!

The key to a space mission is great teamwork, so after the training, it was time to turn the crew into a true family. The weekend before the program launch, our dear professor, Dr. Niamh Shaw, broke the ice with the participants spread across the globe. All the participants had quite a great time playing and learning more from the rest of the crew and mission control members. The day before the launch, the CapComs, Isi and JC, closed the training activities with a space bingo!

I can hardly think of a better way to kick off SHSSP22. Five incredible weeks from now, fully packed with amazing events awaits our 36 new crew members in the ISU family.

This is your CapComs Isi and JC. We’re a GO for launch!

Isidora Casas del Valle Pacheco &  Juan Carlos Mariscal
CapComs- SHSSP22

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