ISU hosts its Executive Space Course in Tel Aviv, Israel from 3-8 October 2021

September 7, 2022

“Preparing investors and entrepreneurs for the entry of Israeli companies into the global space market”

The International Space University (ISU) is delighted to announce that the Executive Space Course will be held in Israel in October 2021 in collaboration with the Ramon Foundation.

This course will train its participants in identifying and specializing in technologies appropriate to the age of private space and trends in the global space industry. The program is designed for executives, venture capitalists, high-tech, engineers and representatives of companies interested in developing within the new space sector. The ISU Executive Space Courses are annually held in Strasbourg and Seattle. The Executive Space Course in Israel will be delivered in Tel Aviv to attract and appeal to participants and companies from the Middle East region.

The global space industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with players like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Planet. A recent study by Bank Of America predicts that the industry will triple to $ 1.5 trillion in the next 10 years.

The Israeli space scene has recently gained further momentum following the announcement of Eitan Stibbe’s AX-1 flight into space on the ‘Rakia’ mission. Stibbe plans to conduct on the International Space Station (ISS) many Israeli scientific experiments, introducing the innovation of the Israeli start-up nation philosophy to the global space industry in order to expand global space collaboration with Israel.

The International Space University’s *faculty includes* senior officials at NASA and the European Space Agency, experts from global consulting firms, investors, space mission managers, and well-known figures in the Israeli space industry.

The syllabus will be composed by Ofer Lapid, one of Israel’s space experts and a member of the International Space University’s Board of Trustees.

Investors, engineers, and entrepreneurs from Israel, the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, and the Gulf states are expected to participate in this course.

“The ‘Rakia’ mission has focused the eyes of the global space industry on Israel. Bringing the International Space University’s Executive Space Course to Tel Aviv opens a new door for executives in high-tech companies, investment funds, and in other industries that are interested in entering the global space market,” said Ran Livne, CEO of the Ramon Foundation. “The ISU features lecturers who are the best space experts in the world, opening up new horizons and removing barriers for space course participants to enter the new space sector.”

The Executive Space Course ESC21 TLV is limited to 25 professionals, each with at least five years of work experience or association within the space industry. According to the Ramon Foundation, there is already wide interest in registering for this course among key people in space companies in Israel and beyond, and also representatives of venture capital funds.

The course, which will be held in Tel Aviv from October 3-8, 2021, includes lectures by experts from around the world and networking events.

The tuition fee for the course is 3,500 Euros and the Ramon Foundation will offer appropriate scholarships to eight qualifying Israelis.

Juan de Dalmau, President of the International Space University says: “After 18 years and more than 500 participants in International Space University’s Executive Space Courses held in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific, now was the time to offer an ESC in the Middle East. Our collaboration with the Ramon Foundation and the thriving space ecosystem in Israel will be the best recipe for a new successful series of courses.”

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