ISU Global Faculty reaches 160 experts from around the world

September 7, 2022

ISU Global Faculty reaches 160 experts from around the world

With the start of the new academic year, we are pleased to share the results of recent faculty appointments and promotions, and of the elections to the ISU Academic Council.

The two dozen newly appointed professionals have cumulated sufficient teaching time at ISU to join the Global Faculty, and they have accepted to contribute with their expertise to the ISU academic, research and professional development programs.

The updated list of over 160 faculty members is accessible through the ISU website with links to the profile of each individual.

The procedures for faculty eligibility, appointments and currency are established in the ISU Academic Handbook.

Central Campus Faculty appointment: Mr. Nicolas Peter is seconded by ESA for a full-time assignment as Professor of the Practice on Space Policy and International Relations, starting 1st September 2021.

Promoted Full members of the ISU Global Faculty: Farhan M. Asrar, David Bruce, Jacob Cohen, Andrea Gini, Natalia Larrea-Brito, Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Michaela Musilova, Niamh Shaw, Jan-Walter Schroeder, Remco Timmermans

Appointed Faculty Emeritus: David Kendall

Appointed Adjunct Faculty: Philomena E. Bonis, Graziella Caprarelli, Ryan Clement, André Farand, Anderson Liew, Nahum Romero-Zamora, Alexandra Ryan, Matt Sorgenfrei, Dimitra Stefoudi, Julien Tallineau, Irina Thaler, Maurizio Nati

Promoted Associate Faculty: Tarik Kaya

New members of the Academic Council – elected or re-elected in May 2021 for a second term:

  • Volker Damann, ESA (retired), Germany, elected Chair of the Academic Council as from July 2021
  • Maria-Antonietta Perino, Thales Alenia Space, Italy
  • Su-Yin Tan, University of Waterloo, Canada


For reference, the continuing Academic Council Members are:

  • Carol Carnett, Legal Aid Bureau Inc., USA
  • Dan Glover, Independent Consultant,USA
  • Geoff Steeves, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Lucy Stojak, HEC Montréal, Canada, elected Vice Chair of the Academic Council as from July 2021
  • Virginia Wotring, International Space University, France
  • Olga Zhdanovich, MODIS, The Netherlands
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