First ISU multi-site Space Studies Program in Granada, Strasbourg and online!

September 7, 2022

This year’s Space Studies Program of the International Space University (SSP21) is gathering 110 participants representing 35 nationalities and bringing a variety of backgrounds in science, engineering, humanities and social sciences.

On 28th June, speaking from the University of Granada’s historic Hospital Real to guests onsite, in Strasbourg and online during the Opening, SSP Program Director and ISU alumnus Goktug Karacalioglu said: “This year represents another historic milestone as we conduct SSP21 in three different locations: Granada, Strasbourg, and Online, simultaneously”, “During the upcoming 9 weeks, there will be many interconnected activities across the three sites while other sessions are specifically designed for each particular site.”

The program is an intense learning experience lasting six weeks for the online participants and nine weeks for the in person cohorts.
In addition to Core Seminars, Workshops, Evening Talks, Professional Visits and Department Activities in the seven space disciplines of ISU, the following Team Project topics will be tackled by multidisciplinary teams of some 20 participants each:

  • Advanced agriculture and nutrition for permanent space settlements
  • Intercontinental suborbital commercial liner
  • On-orbit mobility and manipulations
  • Solutions for construction of a lunar base
  • The golden human record MK II

You can follow the weekly progress of activities on each site through the ISU blog, thanks to the reports by the SSP21 Teaching Associates.

Stay tuned and follow us on ISU YouTube channel, ISU website, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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